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The world needs more yoga ... your source for all things yoga is here

About Us

Join a one-of-a-kind, virtual community of like-minded people who are interested in living a more healthy, easeful, conscious, and inspired life.

Being part of The Circle can help you thread the ancient teachings of yoga into your life in ways that are most valuable to you through mindfulness, movement, education, and connection.

Not only does our community offer ongoing classes, workshops, and events, we have an easy to use, private platform where members can engage with each other, support one another, share information, connect, and learn. Jumping into a class or discussion is just a click of a button. The Circle is a place where you are always welcome and there are always others who you can share your journey with!


The Circle is a collaboration of teachers from all over who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and practices with you. At The Circle you will experience a wide-range of teaching styles and offerings because we know there is not just one way. Customize your experience by exploring and choosing offerings that you enjoy or need most at this time of your life.


Why should you join?

Much more than a virtual yoga studio, our Circle Teachers share their love of yoga and all things wellness in classes, workshops, immersions, challenges, book clubs, social events, and more.

Rooted in yoga, our Circle experiences include writing/journaling, self-discovery, creativity/art, nutrition/cooking, movement, breathing, meditation, dance, philosophy, and more.

The Circle membership is super affordable and for a low monthly investment towards your well-being, you will receive the following:


  • Full Access to supportive community

  • Engage with other members on easy to use private community platform

  • Live virtual classes and workshops (over 30 per month) with a team of professional and inspiring Circle Teachers.

  • Opportunity to add-on access to specialized virtual yoga studios led by Circle Teachers 

  • Invitations to virtual live Panel Discussions and Wellness Expert Interviews

  • Unlimited access to recorded sessions and Video Library
    Blog and Topic Resource Library

  • Priority registration for virtual live workshops and events (open to non-members)

  • Discounts on virtual live workshops and events (open to non-members)

  • Option to purchase discounted 1:1 Yoga, Wellness, and/or Coaching Packages

  • Discounts on in-person events and retreats

  • 10% discount on Circle Merchandise

Why was The Circle created?

Here at the Circle of Thread Yoga Community we know that yoga is more than just postures on a yoga mat. We saw and heard the desire for people to learn new and different ways to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into their lives and we know we can help with this!

We started a companion community of passionate and gifted yoga teachers, called The Thread Yoga Collective, who are continuously developing their work in the world and our mission is to support them in sharing their gifts. They are so excited to share their love of “all things yoga” with you as Circle Teachers.

Our Circle Teachers will be leading classes on our schedule as well as in their own "Circle Yoga Studios" which you will see in our Circle Community Platform. We encourage you to explore all that they have to offer!

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